Some people have been curious about my technique since if you know anything about guitar technique, you can see mine is a bit different. I ended up with different technique for a couple different reasons. First, I don’t really have a life fit for fingernails. Every time I’ve had proper guitar nails, they gave meContinue reading “Technique”

Sychra Journal

All the pieces I’ve been working on have been from the Sychra Journal, so what exactly is this journal. Andrei Sychra was an important figure in the development of the Russian seven string guitar and composed a huge body of repertoire for it, both original pieces as well as arrangements. He also wrote virtuoso literatureContinue reading “Sychra Journal”

Russian Guitar?

What exactly is the Russian guitar? That’s actually a question a lot of guitarists themselves couldn’t answer. It’s a somewhat forgotten cousin of the Spanish guitar. While you see the resemblance in the family portraits, I say cousin rather sibling because it’s lineage is a little different which results in a couple distinct features, sevenContinue reading “Russian Guitar?”